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Luxury Villas For Sale In Yalikavak 4-Bed

Yalıkavak, Bodrum, Muğla, Ege Bölgesi, 48990, Türkiye
  • بدءا من $3,165,000


معرف الخاصية: BOD203
  • جنسية، تقسيط، استثمار، فاخرة، مطلة على البحر، فيلا
  • نوع الملكية
  • 4
  • غرف نوم
  • 5
  • الحمامات
  • 250
  • م 2
  • 2024
  • بنيت عام
  • مدينة فلل فاخرة - عقارات للبيع في بودروم
  • ولاية / مقاطعة عقارات للبيع في موغلا
  • دولة ديك رومى


Off-plan luxury villas for sale in Yalikavak. Panoramic sea view real estate for sale Bodrum Yalikavak Turkey with private swimming pool and garden.

بودروم is the name of a town and peninsula in the southwest of Turkey and an extremely popular holiday destination that attracts millions of tourists each year, both Turkish and foreign who adore the stunning beaches and fantastic year-round climate that can be enjoyed in Bodrum. Tourists have the option of exploring a wealth of ancient history, heading off on boat trips or other daily excursions, or taking in beautiful blue and green scenery etc. ما هو أفضل مكان لشراء العقارات التركية؟

Sale in Yalikavak
Aerial view of St. Peter’s Castle in Bodrum

Many tourists who visit Bodrum regularly will eventually make the decision to buy a home in Bodrum for their holidays, however, عقارات للبيع في بودروم are also purchased for year-round living as Bodrum is so much more than a holiday destination, to some, it is a lifestyle of luxury living where mixing with the rich and famous can be the norm, whilst the are many Bodrum real estate buyers who purchase a Bodrum property for pure investment reasons as Bodrum is known to provide exceptionally high annual rental yields. منازل فاخرة للبيع في بودروم.

sale in Yalikavak
The azure Yalikavak Bay on the Bodrum peninsula

Location of the houses for sale in YalikavakBodrum

This ongoing development of luxury villas for sale in Yalikavak is set on a slight incline approximately 10-12 minutes from the elite Yalikavak Marina and town centre, and a 15-minute walk from the local beach club, with the homes for sale in Yalikavak to boast panoramic sea and nature views. فلل فاخرة مطلة على البحر في بودروم للبيع.

With the marina and town centre a short drive away, no need to worry as the Bodrum houses for sale in Yalikavak offer a small range of local amenities that will be accessible on foot, a small supermarket, several convenience stores, a string of restaurants and cafes etc, whilst the drive to the centre of Yalikavak or the marina will find numerous amenities that are there for both tourists and local to enjoy, including schools, banks, nightclubs, a shopping mall and more.

sale in Yalikavak
مارينا بودروم ياليكافاك ، تركيا

The project of luxury villas for sale in Yalikavak are also set just a short walk away from bus stops that take you to the beach, marina and the town centre, and provide access to various other areas of the Bodrum peninsula. You can reach neighbouring Gumusluk in 22 minutes, Gundogan in 10 minutes, Turkbuku in 13 minutes, head inland to the Midtown shopping mall in less than 15 minutes, and reach the shopping, nightlife and history of Bodrum town in 30 minutes, whilst your flights home from Bodrum international airport are just over 50 minutes away.

Villas with private pool for sale in Yalikavak – Project details

The ongoing project of sea view villas for sale in Yalikavak is well underway and has a completion date set for the end of May 2024. A project of detached luxury Bodrum homes with 4 and 5 bedrooms, each of the villas for sale in Yalikavak to boast private land plots of between 420 m2 – 700 m2, and all will be walled and securely gated.

sale in Yalikavak
luxury homes for sale in Yalikavak

The grounds of each property for sale in Yalikavak will offer either a closed parking garage or a shaded carport for two cars, lushly landscaped gardens, a private overflowing infinity swimming pool, along with full sun or shaded terraces for outdoor living and enjoying the panoramic sea views. Luxury homes and property for sale in Turkey

sale in Yalikavak
Bodrum houses with pool for sale in Yalikavak

The luxury villas for sale in Yalikavak offer a choice of duplex or triplex homes, with both 4 and 5-bedroom properties offering all en-suite bathrooms with an additional family bathroom and a guest WC, whilst open-plan living areas will host fully fitted modern kitchens, lounge and dining areas, all to enjoy garden and pool access.

The homes for sale in Yalikavak will also offer a utility room and two en-suite staff rooms, though these could be used to accommodate visiting guests.

Sale in Yalikavak
مطابخ حديثة مجهزة

Prices, delivery and payment details for the terraceYalıkavak turkey house with pool

Prices for the luxury villas for sale in Yalikavak range from 2,950,000 Euro to 3,900,000 Euro, all suitable for buyers looking to gain الجنسية في تركيا and will be delivered to buyers as unfurnished Bodrum houses, however, the developer prices are inclusive of underfloor heating, central VRF air conditioning, the latest smart home system, some integrated kitchen appliances and a generator, whilst the privates estate will offer 24/7 security. What to know before buying property in Turkey

sale in Yalikavak
الاستثمار العقاري للحصول على الجنسية في تركيا

يرجى الاتصال توجا جلوبال and ask for the developer’s payment schedule and the possibility of cash buyer discounts for the panoramic sea view villas for sale in Yalikavak. هل هو الوقت المناسب لشراء منزل في تركيا؟

sale in Yalikavak
4 bed villas for sale in Yalikavak

How far is the house with pool and terraceYalıkavak from other areas of the Bodrum peninsula?

Bodrum airport – 51km

Yalikavak Marina and town centre- 3.2km

الشاطئ - كيلومتر واحد

Gumusluk – 14km

جوندوجان - 6 كم

sale in Yalikavak
Gundogan harbour

مدينة بودروم - 18 كم

Midtown shopping mall – 8.9km

sale in Yalikavak
مركز تسوق ميدتاون ، أورتاكنت ، بودروم

Turgutreis – 18.5km

Turkbuku – 10km

Torba – 18,8km

لماذا تفضل فلل بودروم الفاخرة

المزيد عن منطقة بودروم

All Bodrum real estate offers نمط الحياة الفاخر في شبه جزيرة بودروم, whilst if you buy a villa in Bodrum an exclusive lifestyle is offered in the town of Yaliakvak, with the marina’s wealthy guests often including famous film or TV starts, royalty, or rich business entrepreneurs, all arriving at the marina on amazing yachts, with the most exclusive properties being Yalikavak beach villas with private beaches. Seafront properties in Bodrum for sale.

sale in  Yalikavak
شواطئ رملية نظيفة في بودروم ، تركيا

سيضعك منزل في بودروم على اتصال بالعديد من التاريخ القديم مع المعالم السياحية التي يمكن رؤيتها في جميع أنحاء شبه الجزيرة ، حيث يتم إغفال ياليكافاك من قبل طواحين الهواء القديمة التي تعمل على التلال والتي تم ترميمها بشكل حساس ، في حين تنتشر العديد من أطلال المدن القديمة في مناطق مختلفة ، تعد مدينة بودروم موطنًا لقلعة القديس بطرس الشهيرة ، وفي غومسولوك القريبة سترى أطلال Myndos المغمورة تحت البحر مباشرة. ما هي أفضل منطقة في بودروم؟

sale in Yalikavak
Ancient Myndos ruins submerged under the sea in Gumusluk

Why buy one of the luxury villas for sale in Yalikavak? – Pool and terraceYalıkavak Turkey house

If you seek a buy a home in Bodrum and want to enjoy the exclusive lifestyle of Yalikavak Marina and wake up to panoramic sea views, choose one of these off-plan luxury homes for sale in Yalikavak. A perfect choice for family holidays, an ideal location for year-round living, and an excellent choice as a Bodrum real estate investment for very high annual rental yields. عقارات للبيع في بودروم تركيا.

sale in Yalikavak
Detached Yalikavak villas for sale

The smart home villas for sale in Yalikavak are within walking distance of ample local amenities and the beach, are a short drive from the town centre and Yalikavak Marina, and enjoy easy access to all other Bodrum areas. The spacious luxury sea view houses for sale in Yalikavak Bodrum offer ample space for outdoor living, private pools and parking, landscaped gardens, staff and/or guest accommodation, and simply stunning panoramic sea and nature views. لماذا تشتري عقار في بودروم؟

sale in Yalikavak
موقف خاص

اتصل بـ Toga Global for more details, prices, and availability for the luxury houses for sale in Yalikavak Bodrum. Our Bodrum property advisors can tell you about the خدمة الزبائن نحن نقدم وأكثر حول Toga Global. سوف يجيبون على جميع أسئلتك عندما تبحث عن شراء منزل في بودروم ويقدمون نصائح مفيدة وسيساعدونك في كل خطوة من خطوات إجراءات شراء العقارات في تركيا.

sale in Yalikavak
Private Bodrum villas for sale

Choose Toga Global for all your Bodrum real estate requirements. Search now to find an apartment with terrace and poolYalıkavak for sale. a villa with terrace and poolyYalıkavak Turkey for sale, a Turkey house with poolyalıkavak for sale, and if you prefer to search for Turkey homes for sale in other cities or resorts, you can find منازل فتحية للبيعمنازل للبيع في اسطنبولIzmir propery for saleشقق الانيامنازل للبيع في أنطاليا ، فلل فاخرة في تشيشميعقارات للبيع في كوساداسي، و homes for sale in Mugla.

sale in Yalikavak
Luxury Bodrum property


تحديث في سبتمبر 23, 2023 في 6:54 م
  • معرف الخاصية: BOD203
  • سعر: بدءا من $3,165,000
  • حجم العقار: 250 م 2
  • مساحة الأرض: 420 م 2
  • غرف نوم: 4
  • الحمامات: 5
  • بنيت عام: 2024
  • نوع الملكية: جنسية، تقسيط، استثمار، فاخرة، مطلة على البحر، فيلا
  • حالة الملكية: للبيع ، قيد الانشاء

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