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Sea View Luxury Bodrum Loft Apartments 3+1

Boğaziçi, Milas, Muğla, Ege Bölgesi, Türkiye
  • بدءا من $301,885


معرف الخاصية: BOD276
  • الجنسية ، الاستثمار ، الرفاهية ، الإقامة والشقة ، إطلالة على البحر
  • نوع الملكية
  • 3
  • غرف نوم
  • 2
  • الحمامات
  • 120
  • م 2
  • 2023
  • بنيت عام
  • مدينة فلل فاخرة - عقارات للبيع في بودروم
  • ولاية / مقاطعة عقارات للبيع في موغلا
  • دولة ديك رومى


Luxury Bodrum loft apartments for sale. Off-plan homes in Adabuku with short airport transfer times, a shared pool and sea, lake and forest views.

مدينة بودروم هي مجرد واحدة من عدة منتجعات تقع في الداخل أو حول الساحل شبه جزيرة بودروم in the southwest of Turkey, an upmarket holiday destination that attracts wealthy Turkish visitors and thousands of overseas visitors each week throughout the summer season, some choosing a traditional fishing village, some the bustling town centre and some that like to mix with the rich and famous in the two resorts of Yalikavak and Turkbuku. نمط الحياة الفاخر في شبه جزيرة بودروم.

يبدو أن بودروم قد كبرت وتم تطوير مناطق جديدة إلى الشمال من منتجعات شبه الجزيرة الرئيسية ، وقد حظيت مناطق المنتجعات الجديدة في شبه جزيرة بوجاتشيتش بشعبية كبيرة للسياح الأتراك لعدة سنوات ، ومع ذلك ، مع تزايد الطلب باستمرار على نهاية عقارات بودروم للبيع these new areas for overseas visitors and property buyers are offering tranquil areas that enjoy short airport transfer times and are close to a golf course and a huge natural lake and nature reserve. لماذا تشتري عقار في بودروم؟

Luxury Bodrum loft apartments
Tranquil green location in Adabuku

Location of the luxury Bodrum loft apartments for sale

This off-plan nearing completion development of luxury Bodrum loft apartments for sale is found on the tranquil Bogazici peninsula to the north of Bodrum town, enjoying a vista of sea, lake and nature views and short airport transfer times of just 20 minutes.

The luxury Bodrum loft apartments boast a tranquil green location in Adabuku, found with a short 15-minute stroll of the vast Tuzla Lake, whilst set on the edge of a large green forest with the local beaches accessible in 15 minutes by bus or car, whilst a 2-minute drive will reach the main road connection to the busy Bodrum highway in 5 minutes for access to the airport and various other areas of Bodrum. You can reach Guvercinlik in 15 minutes, Torba in just over 25 minutes, Yalikavak Marina in less than 1 hour, and the heart of Bodrum town in 35 minutes.

Amenities in the tranquil areas that can be reached on foot from the luxury Bodrum loft apartments are minimal with a few convenience stores and restaurants, whilst just 10 minutes away will access the Karia Port Shopping Mall, further amenities can be found at the beach area, and you will find a golf course accessible in less than 15 minutes, the Tuzla Bird Sanctuary in 10 minutes, whilst the town of Bodrum is the place to go for shopping, entertainment and nightlife.

Tranquil luxury Bodrum loft apartments in Adabuku – Project details

The nearing completion project of luxury homes in Adabuku is set on an elevated land area of 39,000m2, a walled and gated complex that will offer fabulous sea, forest and nature views for a range of 2-bedroom standard apartments, 3-bedroom luxury Bodrum loft apartments and several semi-detached villas, all of which will be surrounded by landscaped communal gardens, whilst upon completion at the end of 2023, the luxury Bodrum loft apartments and other homes will be offered to the use of a large shared swimming pool, sun terraces, on-site parking and a free beach shuttle service, whilst a security team and cameras will keep you safe around the clock. منازل فاخرة للبيع في بودروم.

Luxury Bodrum loft apartments
Shared outdoor swimming pool

Prices for the luxury Bodrum properties

2 Bedroom standard apartments with private gardens 90 m2 priced from 159,500 Euro

3-Bedroom luxury Bodrum loft apartments 120 m2 priced from 282,200 Euro

Please call Toga Global for sizes and prices of the luxury Bodrum villas for sale, and not that you can invest a minimum of 400,000 USD to gain الجنسية في تركيا.

عقارات للبيع في بودروم تركيا.

How will the luxury Bodrum loft apartments be delivered to potential Bodrum real estate buyers?

When complete these luxury homes in Bodrum will be delivered as unfinished Bodrum properties, however, whether you choose one of the garden apartments, one of the luxury Bodrum loft apartments or a Bodrum villa, each home will come complete with some built-in white goods and will be fitted with the infrastructure to fit air conditioning units in all rooms.

Luxury Bodrum loft apartments
Apartments and villas for sale

How far are the sea view luxury Bodrum loft apartments from other local areas?

Milas-Bodrum International Airport – 17.3km

Tuzla Lake – 1.2km

Beach – 2km

Tuzla Bird Sanctuary – 8.9km

Vita Park Golf Resort – 4.7km

Karia Port Shopping Mall – 5.4km

Gulluk Marina – 24.6km

Guvercinlik – 11.7km

Bodrum town – 28.3km

Yalikavak Marina – 47.7km

Gumulsuk – 47.8km

Turgutreis – 46,5km

More about the Bodrum area of Turkey

مدينة بودروم هي المحور المركزي الصاخب لشبه الجزيرة ، وتقع على الشواطئ الجنوبية الغربية ، وتوفر وفرة من مرافق التسوق مع محلات بيع الهدايا إلى مراكز التسوق الحديثة والمستشفيات والمراكز الطبية والبنوك ومكاتب البريد والمكاتب الحكومية ومرسى راقى مع محلات أزياء المصممين ، وملاذ آمن ، وحياة ليلية رائعة مع العديد من الحانات والنوادي التي تفتح حتى الفجر.

The peninsula is surrounded by rolling mountains that offer postcard scenery, whilst the coastline offers various sandy beaches and rocky coves, thus, a preferred area for sailors from around the world and you will often bump into famous film stars, singers, sports personalities, rich business entrepreneurs, members of royalty, and fashion models etc, hence the up-market title that the Bodrum peninsula boasts.

Why buy one of these near-completion luxury Bodrum loft apartments?

If you are looking to buy property in Bodrum and would prefer a quiet location with a short drive to the airport and a choice of sea, lake or forest views, choose one of these near-completion luxury Bodrum loft apartments for sale in Adabuku. An ideal location for relaxing holidays, perfect for peaceful year-round living and a rather great choice as a Bodrum real estate investment in an up-and-coming area that will offer annual rental yields and future capital appreciation.

The luxury Bodrum loft apartments are located within walking distance of local amenities and Tuzla Lake, are a short drive from a shopping mall, the airport and the beach and have great access to various other areas of Bodrum. Luxury Bodrum homes with a shared pool, a free beach shuttle service, lots of outdoor living space and he choice of sea, lake or forest views. What to know before buying property in Turkey.

اتصل بـ Toga Global for more details, prices and availability for the luxury sea-view Bodrum properties. Our Bodrum real estate consultants can provide honest answers to all your questions when looking to buy a home in Bodrum, offer professional advice and guide you through each stage of the property in Turkey buying procedure. هل هو الوقت المناسب لشراء منزل في تركيا؟


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  • معرف الخاصية: BOD276
  • سعر: بدءا من $301,885
  • حجم العقار: 120 مترا مربعا
  • مساحة الأرض: 39000 م 2
  • غرف نوم: 3
  • الحمامات: 2
  • بنيت عام: 2023
  • نوع الملكية: الجنسية ، الاستثمار ، الرفاهية ، الإقامة والشقة ، إطلالة على البحر
  • حالة الملكية: للبيع ، قيد الانشاء

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