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Turnkey European Istanbul Luxury Flats 3+1

Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Marmara Bölgesi, Türkiye
  • بدءا من $220,000


معرف الخاصية: IST246
  • الجنسية ، الاستثمار ، الرفاهية ، الإقامة والشقة ، إطلالة على البحر
  • نوع الملكية
  • 3
  • غرف نوم
  • 2
  • الحمامات
  • 141
  • م 2
  • 2022
  • بنيت عام
  • مدينة عقارات للبيع في اسطنبول
  • ولاية / مقاطعة عقارات للبيع في اسطنبول
  • دولة ديك رومى


European Istanbul luxury flats for sale. Turnkey boutique homes in the Beylikduzu district close to West Marina with sea views and on-site facilities.

اسطنبول is a large multi-cultural city in Turkey, located in the northwest on the shores of both the Marmara and Back seas, whilst split across the European and Asian continents via the Bosphorus strait. One of the top ten most visited counties in the world and sees tourists pouring in every day from various countries, all attracted by the wonderful ancient history that dates back thousands of years.

European Istanbul luxury flats
The famous Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul

عقارات للبيع في اسطنبول تأتي في الغالب كمنازل مبنية حديثًا ، بينما يمكنك العثور على منازل قديمة وبعض المشاريع قيد الإنشاء ، ومع ذلك ، هناك عدد من المناطق التي ستشاهد فيها عقارات للبيع في اسطنبول ، وهذا هو المكان الذي قد يصبح مربكًا لعقارات اسطنبول المشترين لذلك لدينا مدونة لتعطيك فكرة عن المناطق و حيث لشراء منازل في اسطنبول.

Location of the European Istanbul luxury flats

This new boutique complex of European Istanbul luxury flats for sale is located to the west of the city centre’s famous attractions and the Bosphorus coastline, found in the district of Beylikduzu just 5 minutes to the north of the up-markey Istanbul West Marina.

A newly developed and desirable area of the city set between two lakes, Buyukcekmce Lake to the northwest reached in 10 minutes and Kucukcekmece Lake to the east in just under 20 minutes which will form the opening of the new Istanbul Canal, whilst other areas of the city are accessible with ease with the European Istanbul luxury flats found close to various bus stops and a 10-minute drive from a Metrobus station and the busy E-5 highway.

You can reach the new international airport in 50 minutes, the attractions of Sultanahmet in just short of an hour, the Basin Express Business Centre in less than 30 minutes, the Tuyap Exhibition Centre in 15 minutes, several beaches in 12-15 minutes, and a 10-minute journey finds the stunning Yasam Vadisi Park.

In terms of amenities, the European Istanbul luxury flats are set a short walk or minimal drive away from various shops, supermarkets, schools, banks, medical centres, other parks and play areas, cafes, bars, restaurants and much more, and you can hop on the bus or drive to reach several universities, modern shopping malls and a range of hospitals in minutes. لماذا تشتري عقارات فاخرة في اسطنبول؟

European Istanbul luxury flats – Boutique complex details

A small three-tier complex set on a sloping land area of 2.400 m2 and consisting of three low-rise modern apartment blocks of five floors that host a total of just 40 luxury apartments that enjoy sea and nature views and are surrounded by landscaped communal gardens, whilst safely walled and gated.

European Istanbul luxury flats
Low-rise Boutique complex in Beylikduzu

The European Istanbul luxury flats range from 1.5 to 4 bedrooms which were completed in 2022 and enjoy the use of a small selection of on-site facilities. عقارات للبيع في اسطنبول تركيا.

Facilities for the European Istanbul luxury flats near West Marina in Beylikduzu

  • A four-season heated indoor swimming pool
  • مرآب للسيارات
  • ساونا
  • حمام تركي
  • نادي رياضي
  • مصاعد
  • ردهات دخول آمنة
  • نظام الاتصال الداخلي عبر الفيديو
  • تلفزيون مركزي مع قنوات فضائية
  • أمن وكاميرات 24/7

هل هو الوقت المناسب لشراء منزل في تركيا؟

Cash-only prices for the remaining European Istanbul luxury flats for sale

1.5+1 Luxury Istanbul apartments 60 m2 – 75 m2 priced from $119,000 to $154,761

2.5+1 Luxury Istanbul apartments 141 m2 priced from $220,000 to $297,619

3+1 Luxury Istanbul apartments 141 m2 – 145 m2 priced from $259,523 to $303,571

4+2 Luxury Istanbul apartments 170 m2 – 220 m2 priced from $434,523 to $470,000

The 4-bedroom apartments are priced to meet the government’s investment for Turkish citizenship, however, you can buy more than one of the 1.5 to 4-bedroom European Istanbul luxury flats with a minimum investment of 400,000 USD and qualify for الجنسية في تركيا.

How are the sea view Istanbul apartments offered to potential Istanbul property buyers?

The European Istanbul luxury flats are purchased as key-ready unfurnished luxury homes in Istanbul, however, each apartment comes fitted with gas central heating and some integrated kitchen appliances. منازل فاخرة للبيع في اسطنبول.

European Istanbul luxury flats
مطابخ حديثة مجهزة

How far are the new Istanbul luxury residences from other areas of the vast city?

New airport – 55km

West Istanbul Marina – 2.3km

New Canal – 12km

بحيرة بويوك شكمجة - 12 كم

Basin Express business centre – 26km

السلطان أحمد - 38 كم

Yasam Vadisi Park – 5.6km

E-5 Highway and Metrobus line – 4.3km

Marmara Park shopping mall – 6km

Medilife Beylikduzu Hospital – 4.6km

شقق فاخرة للبيع في اسطنبول

A little further Istanbul information

مدينة قديمة تقدم وفرة من التاريخ ، كانت ذات يوم عاصمة لتركيا حتى عام 1930 عندما كانت تعرف باسم القسطنطينية التي يعود تاريخها إلى الإمبراطورية الرومانية ضمن المستوطنات المناسبة الأولى في عام 660 قبل الميلاد ، وتناقلت الأيدي عدة مرات قبل تسليمها إلى العثمانيين في 1453.

Around the city, you will find ancient mosques, orthodox churches, many Ottoman homes, castles and towers, palaces and lots more history. Whilst if you are not a history buff there is still plenty to do and see when visiting Istanbul, Bosphorus cruises, theme parks, Aquariums, waterparks, numerous shopping malls, excellent dining, sailing, nightlife, the list goes on, hence being one of the most visited cities in the world.

Why buy one of the European Istanbul luxury flats?

If a sea view is on your list of requirements to buy a home in Istanbul and you would like an area close to a marina and the new canal in the new modern centre of the city, choose one of these ready European Istanbul luxury flats in Beylikduzu just 5-minutes from West Marina. Ideal homes for holidays, city breaks and business trips, great for year-round living away from the city centre hustle and bustle and an excellent choice as an Istanbul real estate investment for a high annual rental income closer to an elite marina and a short distance from the new Istanbul Canal.

The European Istanbul luxury flats for sale enjoy ample amenities close by and accessible on foot, are just a few minutes from the canal and the marina, and have great links to all areas of the city. Turnkey luxury Istanbul apartments with facilities on-site, ample space for outdoor living and a view of nature and the Marmara Sea. What to know before buying property in Turkey.

European Istanbul luxury flats
Quiet green location

اتصل بـ Toga Global for further details, prices and the latest availability, or to view the European Istanbul luxury flats in Beylikduzu. Our friendly team of Istanbul property consultants are just a phone call away and will answer all your Istanbul real estate questions, offer you professional advice and assist you with the Turkish property buying procedure.


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  • معرف الخاصية: IST246
  • سعر: بدءا من $220,000
  • حجم العقار: 141 m2
  • مساحة الأرض: 2400 m2
  • غرف نوم: 3
  • الحمامات: 2
  • بنيت عام: 2022
  • نوع الملكية: الجنسية ، الاستثمار ، الرفاهية ، الإقامة والشقة ، إطلالة على البحر
  • حالة الملكية: للبيع Costruction جديد

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