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Citizenship by Investment Program In Turkey

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Investing and get Turkish Citizenship

Modern living for a unique lifestyle

Investing and get تابعیت ترکیه is one of the top topics on search engines all over the world. A question to be discussed in everyday business life. Turkey has successfully passed an economic crisis. Develop all the country in many industrial, agricultural and mining fields. Which allowed the country to has an important rule in the world’s economy and politic.

Due to central location and a bridge from Europe to Asia, energy corridor and terminal of Europe. By Turkish Citizenship you can join to the stable population, qualified and competitive labor force, liberal and reformist investment climate.


Benefits of Turkish Citizenship and Buy Property in Turkey

Most of important benefits ever is the value of money, as according to the currency rate of the Turkish lira (TL). Foreign investors can buy a big property in Turkey comparing to what this amount of money can buy in their country. Exchanging rate is all-time high which gives you a big amount of Turkish liras to buy properties in Turkey.

تابعیت ترکیه and residency, foreigner buying a Property in Turkey can easily get the residence permit as a property owner. Moreover he can get the citizenship if he buy a property with $ 400k. According to the new regulations decided on the transition of foreigners to Citizenship of Turkey.

Foreigners who buy a Property in Turkey have the full ownership of the property or land. It gives the owners much more freedom. with their properties to sell, renovate or even renting out. Finally the cost of living in Turkey is one of the benefits. It’s as low as in taxes comparing to the cost of living and taxes in EU and USA.

According to these new regulations we can shorten the ways on how to get the تابعیت ترکیه by Foreigners below;

Turkish Citizenship by Fixed Capital in Turkey

The new regulations were decided on fixed capital amount projected to qualify for Turkish Citizenship been reduced from $ 2 million to $ 500.000.

Citizenship of Turkey by Property Investment

The minimum real estate price in Turkey required for the transfer of ownership of foreigners in Turkey has been reduced from $ 1 million to $400.000.

Citizenship in Turkey by Job Creation

The expression of Turkey employment for at least 100 people. Included in terms of entitlement to citizenship has been changed to be 50 people. Turkish passport is issued in 3 months.

In order to qualify for naturalization, the amount of deposits to be held in Turkish banks in Turkey has been reduced from $ 3 million to $ 500.000. Proven by the Turkish Banking regulation and supervision agency to be operated in Turkey.
With the condition of not to withdraw for at least three years. You can get تابعیت ترکیه. Also your Turkish passport is issued in 3 month.

Ministry of Treasury and Finance in Turkey has determined to have bought at least USD $ 500.000 worth of the Republic of Turkey government bonds.
The condition that they cannot be sold for at least three years or equivalent foreign exchange or equivalent Turkish Lira in the state. You can get Your Citizenship in Turkey.

According the Turkish law for Encouragement of Tourism:

Foreign real and legal person who want to make investment for tourism objective in Turkey, can acquire real estate in tourism areas and centers, being exempted from reciprocity principle and the restrictions formulated for foreigners. Turkish passport and تابعیت ترکیه are issued in 3 months.

Real estate investment fund in Turkey participation share of at least $ 500.000. Also you can equivalent in exchange in Turkish lira, or venture capital investment fund participation share of at least $ 500.000. Equivalent in exchange for at least three years, provided that the capital purchased by the Turkey capital markets board has been determined. You can have your تابعیت ترکیه within 3 months.

To have acquired real estate worth a minimum of $ 500.000 US dollars or equal foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira equivalent fixed capital investment, determined by the Turkey ministry of industry and technology in Turkey. You will get your Citizenship in Turkey within 3 Months.

Where to Apply for Turkish Citizenship and Passport?

Firstly, non-Turkish national Turkey citizenship and passport official website , you can apply by visiting direct in person at the ministry of interior directorate general of migration management (Göç İdaresi) at its offices located in all over Turkey.
On final with the foreign person name published in the Turkish Official Gazette will conclude that Turkish citizenship has been granted and completed.

Then Turkish national Turkey citizenship and passport official website and apply for the foreigner application for Turkish National ID and replacement Turkish Drivers License is lodged online by appointment only to ministry of interior directorate general of population and citizenship (Nufüs Müdürlüğü) at their offices all around Turkey.

Our professional and experienced team with wide and extensive real estate portfolio will help you in all your procedures and processes taking in consideration your life and investment circumstances, will provide the maximum help to find you reasonable prices for the real estate you decided.

Our professional dynamic team will inform you about the Turkish Citizenship Program, then will introduce you our solicitors for assistance with your first procedures to get your Turkish passport in Turkey.

Property in Turkey Company for the past 30 years, assisted a lot of investors from all over the world and has provided professional support in all their processes while getting the residency and settling in Turkey and passport later (Professional Assistance for Turkish Citizenship)

For more information about living in Turkey and the تابعیت ترکیه, please contact us by WhatsApp on +90543 217 73 77 or by email or send us a message and we will get to you as soon as possible.

116 Countries Visa-Free Travel With A Turkish Pasaport


1. Birth Certificates of Each Applicant
2. Passports of Each Applicant
3. Proof of Residence (Recent utility statement)
4. 12 Biometric Passport Photos of Each Applicant
5. Marriage Certificate (if Applicable)
6. Death or Divorce Certificate of Spouse (if Applicable)
7. Proof of Transfer of $400.000 USD into Turkish Bank Account or Lawyer’s Client Account
8. TOGA GLOBAL Application Forms
9. Turkish Tax ID Number
10. TOGA GLOBAL and our legal team will assist clients with these documents once POA has been provided


Visa-Free Travel
You can Travel 116 countries across the world including Japan, Qatar, South Korea
High Quality Living
Affordable High Quality Lifestyle including free medical services and education
Without Residency Requirement
After Citizenship has been Granted, whole process can be obtained remotely
Best Investment
Buy One or Several Properties for a Minimum Total Value $400.000
Safe Environment
Turkey has over 700.000 expats and 60.000 international companies
Best way to UK
As a Turkish Person, Easily relocate to UK and establish your business
Family Eligibility
Entire Family are eligible. Including spouses, children under age 18 children.
Good Potential Investment
You can have Rental Income or Option to Re-sell your property after 3 years
Fast-Tracked Application Process
Passport is issued within 60 days of Submitting Your Application.
Best way to US
As a Turkish Person, Easily relocate to US and establish your business
Dual Citizenship
Dual Citizenship: Turkey allows Dual Citizenship. You can use both if you want.
Valid for Life
It is a document that can be easily transferred to grandchildren.

General Requirements for the investor

Not having entered or stayed illegally in Turkey
Be at least 18 years old
No criminal record in Turkey, or in any country the investor has resided in over the past year
Not selling the property for at least 3 years
Pay the taxes and costs for the citizenship process


Specific Requirements for Real Estate Investments

Investment of $400.000 USD (or Turkish Lira equivalent) in a real estate property free of charges and encumbrances on the condition that it is not sold for three years
Requirement of a valuation report which needs to be accepted by the Capital Market Board
Land Registry Certificate showing the complete ownership of the property or properties
A valid private purchase contract from the developer

Property Transaction Fees

Title Deed Transfer – 4% of purchase price (Split between buyer and seller)
VAT – 1 to 18% (Currently, you can apply as a foreign investor for VAT exemption, but this is a very complicated process and our lawyers are one of the few successfully qualifying this for our clients.)
Legal Fees – 1% of property purchase price + 18% VAT
Miscellaneous Extras (Land Registry, Power of Attorney, Notary & Translation, Maps Approval) ‐ $1000 approx.


Application & Processing Costs

Investment of $400.000 USD (or Turkish Lira equivalent) in a real estate property free of charges and encumbrances on the condition that it is not sold for three years
Requirement of a valuation report which needs to be accepted by the Capital Market Board
Land Registry Certificate showing the complete ownership of the property or properties
A valid private purchase contract from the developer

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