Nature View Luxury Homes In Istanbul 1+1

  • شروع از $291,350
Başakşehir Mahallesi، Başakşehir، استانبول، منطقه مرمره، 34480، ترکیه
برای فروش در دست ساخت

Nature View Luxury Homes In Istanbul 1+1

Başakşehir Mahallesi، Başakşehir، استانبول، منطقه مرمره، 34480، ترکیه
  • شروع از $291,350

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شناسه ملک: IST076
  • پرداخت اقساطی، سرمایه گذاری، لوکس، اقامتی و آپارتمانی
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  • 82
  • متر مربع
  • 2024
  • سال ساخت
  • شهر املاک برای فروش در استانبول
  • کشور / استان املاک برای فروش در استانبول
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Off-plan nature view luxury homes in Istanbul. Luxury properties for sale in Basaksehir with facilities on-site and close to the new canal project.

استانبول, historically known as Constantinople is a huge cultural city in the northwest of Turkey, a city that has seen numerous changes over the centuries and recent changes too, with many districts being redeveloped to fit in with the modern world, these changes include many luxury Istanbul housing developments, brand new hospitals, shopping centres and other commercial properties, universities, and of course, the city’s planned new canal which is expected to cost in the region of $20 billion.

املاک برای فروش در استانبول are found in numerous neighbourhoods of 39 districts, Istanbul homes can be located on the Asian or European side of the city which both offer international/domestic airports, whilst the various district can sit inland or coastal, many homes surrounded by nature for a healthy city lifestyle and some offer wonderful views of either the Bosphorus or the Marmara Sea, this and various type of Istanbul real estate that can be found does mean that price tags for apartments, penthouses, villas and houses for sale in Istanbul vary considerably. از کجا در استانبول خانه بخریم.

خانه های لوکس در استانبول
The Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul

Luxury homes in Istanbul – Project Location

This off-plan development of luxury homes in Istanbul is located in the district of Basaksehir on the European side of the city, found less than 30 minutes south of the new airport and approximately 20 minutes to the north of Kucukcekmece Lake which is set to be the start of the new canal.

To reach the airport and other areas of Istanbul, the luxury homes in Istanbul are being built just over 5-minutes north of the TEM highway and 10 minutes from the Basin Expressway which links to the E-5 and northern Marmara highways, whilst walking distance to several bus stops and around 6 minutes by car from the nearest Metro station with the famous city centre attractions reached in approximately 50 minutes . Nature view Luxury Property for sale in istanbul .

Amenities that are close to the luxury homes in Istanbul include the city’s new hospital complex which is currently the largest in Europe and the Olimpa shopping mall, while a local university and the stunning Basaksehir Botanical Park can be found a mere 10 minutes away, and there is a range of everyday amenities accessible via a short walk from the luxury homes in Istanbul. املاک برای فروش در استانبول ترکیه

Nature view luxury homes in Istanbul – Development details

A mixed residential, home-office, hotel, and shopping complex is being built on a land area of 8,000 m2 that will host two blocks of tower blocks, one block to host a luxury aparthotel with 122 furnished and services apartments, whilst the second block will host 24 handy commercial units, and 102 residential homes ranging from 1-3 bedrooms with the option of using the apartments as home offices. all scheduled for completion in December 2023.

A 5,000 m2 area of the land has been designated for communal landscaped gardens and ornamental ponds and the grounds of the complex will offer you a selection of on-site facilities. House for sale in istanbul .

Facilities for the luxury homes for sale in Turkey

  • یک استخر بزرگ در فضای باز
  • تراس های آفتابگیر
  • محوطه بازی کودکان
  • سالن بدنسازی کاملا مجهز
  • An outdoor gym
  • زمین بسکتبال و تنیس
  • مغازه ها، کافه ها و رستوران ها
  • Residents elevated terrace cafe
  • مسیرهای دوچرخه سواری و پیاده روی
  • آسانسورها
  • لابی ورودی امن
  • سیستم اینترکام تصویری
  • ژنراتور
  • تلویزیون ماهواره ای مرکزی
  • امنیت و دوربین 24/7

آیا زمان خوبی برای خرید خانه در ترکیه است؟

Prices for the luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale

1+1 Apartments 82 m2 – 110 m2 priced from 5.565,000 TL to 8,415,000 TL

2+1 Apartments 112 m2 – 133 m2 priced from 7,707,000 TL to 10,773,000 TL

3+1 Apartments 166 m2 priced from 11,197,000 TL to 11,505,000 TL

1+1 apartment for sale in istanbul

2+1 apartment for sale in istanbul

3+1 apartment for sale in istanbul

Payment terms for the off-plan Istanbul real estate

Interest-free payment terms or cash buyer discounts are available for buyers of these off-plan luxury homes in Istanbul, please ask توگا گلوبال برای جزئیات چرا خرید ملک لوکس در استانبول؟

How will these luxury homes in Istanbul be delivered to buyers?

When complete, the luxury homes in Istanbul will be delivered as unfurnished luxury Istanbul apartments, however, the above list prices are inclusive of some built-in kitchen appliances and a gas central heating system. Luxury homes in istanbul for sale .

How far is the project of luxury homes in Istanbul from other areas of the city?

New airport – 31km

New city hospital – 200m

Olimpa Shopping mall – 4.4km

Local University – 8.1km

New Canal (Kucukcekmece lake) – 11km

Ataturk Olympic Stadium – 4km

Mall of Istanbul – 8km

سلطان احمد - 26 کیلومتر

ViaLand Theme Park – 23km

اطلاعات بیشتر در مورد شهر بزرگ استانبول

شهر استانبول بسیار بزرگتر از آن چیزی است که فکرش را می کنید، تعطیلات آخر هفته در شهر مطمئناً برای استفاده از همه چیزهایی که شهر ارائه می دهد کافی است، بنابراین، شهر بازدیدکنندگان مکرر متعددی را می بیند که می آیند تا همه چیزهایی را که شهر ارائه می دهد را به طور عمیق کاوش کنند. تاریخ باستانی، سواحل عالی، اسکله های تفریحی در بازار، جنگل های انبوه سبز و پارک های عمومی بزرگ، پارک های موضوعی، مراکز نمایشگاهی و همایش ها، استادیوم های فوتبال سوپر لیگ، امکانات خرید عالی، معروف به بهشت خریداران، و بسیاری موارد دیگر.

خرید خانه در استانبول می تواند به شما منجر شود تابعیت ترکیهبا این حال، برای اینکه بتوانید درخواست دهید، باید حداقل 400000 دلار سرمایه گذاری کنید، این بودجه می تواند برای خرید یک یا چند آپارتمان استانبول استفاده شود، یا می توانید به ویلاهای استانبول، هتل های استانبول یا املاک تجاری مراجعه کنید. برای فروش در استانبول.

Why buy one of these luxury homes in Istanbul?

If you are looking to buy property in Istanbul and need easy access to the new airport and the city centre, and you want to be close to the new canal but want a healthier location to enjoy the city, then choose one of these luxury homes in Istanbul that are ideal for city breaks, business trips, holidays, year-round living or a great Istanbul real estate investment choice in the heart of the new modern Istanbul with the annual rental yields forecast to be very high.

The luxury homes in Istanbul are within a short walking distance of many everyday amenities and are close to highways and public transport for easy access to the airport, city centre and other areas of Istanbul. The luxury Istanbul homes will offer on-site facilities, shopping and dining, ample space for outdoor living and wonderful views of the green Basaksehir landscapes and communal gardens. Basaksehir properties for sale in istanbul .

با توگا گلوبال تماس بگیرید for more details, prices and availability for these luxury homes in Istanbul. Our team of Istanbul real estate advisors can answer all your question when looking at houses for sale in Istanbul, provide you with helpful advice and will assist you with each stage of the property Turkey buying procedure.

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به روز شد مارچ 28, 2023 در 9:49 ق.ظ
  • شناسه ملک: IST076
  • قیمت: شروع از $291,350
  • اندازه ملک: 82 m2
  • مساحت زمین: 8000 متر مربع
  • اتاق خواب: 1
  • حمام: 1
  • سال ساخت: 2024
  • نوع ملک: پرداخت اقساطی، سرمایه گذاری، لوکس، اقامتی و آپارتمانی
  • وضعیت ملک: برای فروش، در حال ساخت

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